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Brain Chamber has a new initiative, Brain Chamber Group has entered into Polypropylene manufacturing segment

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Plant technical process description

Calculations were made without taking into account the energy/emission in this process. We at Brain Chamber are specific about the critical calculations and will try to set the trend in such manufacturing process. We have our strong finance team with us to deal with clients with their quality and budget.
Fabric produced may require to be coated. HDPE woven sacks are laminated with LLDPE/LDPE while in case of polypropylene bags; lamination is done by lamination grade polypropylene.
Fabric roll is mounted on unwinding roll from were it passes through two rolls over which T-die connected to the extruder is located. The melt of the material, which is to be coated on the fabrics comes through the T-Die as an extrudate and coats the woven fabric. It is then cooled under pressure and wound.

Cutting and stitching of polypropylene bags

In the next stage the fabric as produced earlier is cut, reversed manually, and the bottom is stitched. Then it is printed as per the requirement of the customer.
Primary properties of polypropylene used in producing woven sacks are their chemical inertness and inertness to metabolic processes.

Company presentation


Our primary focus is to deliver best quality of Polypropylene, which is used for the manufacturing of polypropylene bags meets the requirements stipulated in BIS standard IS 10910. The grade of additives incorporated in polypropylene complies with the FDA: CFR title 21, 177.1520 olefin polymers. Additive incorporated in polypropylene also conform to the positive list of constituents as prescribed in BIS standard IS: 10909.


BrainChamber Technologies is a privately owned and privately funded startup with a strong focus on innovation, research and development across multiple disciplines. Our primary focus has been in the Manufacturing, Aerospace and IT sector.

With its current growth initiative Brain Chamber Group has entered into Polypropylene manufacturing segment.


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